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Mar 21, 2013 6:00am PDT
, a lot of 40s, low to mid-40s, upper 30s. santa rosa, 42 now at walnut creek. others in the upper 40s. a little breeze helps. santa rosa, napa at 40. sunny and breezy. a westerly breeze. 60s for some. mid-60s for others upper 50s closer to the coast and temperatures tomorrow warmer i don't think it will be as breezy. it will be a north wind and cooler next week. >>> there is new evidence that the universe was born earlier than previously thought. the split second after the big bang indicates that the universe is older than first thought. european scientists say that it burst in a fraction of a second >> the big bang theory >> yeah >>> the list is growing. the country upset about an oscar-winning movie. why the parliament is upset about something said in the movie, argo. >>> tense talks, the hot topic to have the fleets on standby. fference ween a vase and a vaz? a vaz is a really nice vase. shop like a fashionista. do you like this vaz? got it for the price of a vase! save like a maxxinista. designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx. >>> more than 25,000 claims about fraud and foreclos
Mar 18, 2013 6:00am PDT
about it and tomorrow evening we will take us to wednesday, 40s on the lows, santa rosa, napa, redwood city everybody is close and it looks like by the time it arrives it will be weak. sunny and clouds, a cool morning, a mild afternoon, 60s and 70s, napa is down 4 from yesterday, santa rosa, warmer towards antioch, oakland 65, santa cruz down 6 from yesterday, more of an on shore breeze, 60s by the coast and mainly 60s by the peninsular, and the clear on sunday. >> -- and it is clearing on sunday. >>> now san francisco muni could try level the playing field. >> also a new grant could have oakland police officers patrolling outside of the city. >>> plus this plane crashed into an oakland crash stay tuned. . >>> plus the plane crashed into an area with homes, stay tuned for more. . >>> time now 6:13, two people died, their private jet crashed into the south bend regional airport. two other passengers on the ground were injured. the plane was flying from tulsa oklahoma when it hit three houses and became lodged in one of them. investigators say the plane was having mechanical problems and
Mar 25, 2013 6:00am PDT
sacramento men are facing charges on suspicion of forcing two women into prostitution in santa rosa. police say 23-year-old glen harris brought the women to santa rosa and 25-year-old jerome martin is accused of helping him do it. police started investigating the men after responding to a domestic violence call. they organized the sting operation at a local hotel using information that one of the women posted on the internet. police have arrested a woman in connection with a hit and run that killed a bicyclist in oakland over the weekend. officers found the victim on parolta street around 10:20 saturday night. the driver returned to the scene a few hours later and was taken into custody. investigators have not told us the names of either the victim or driver. >>> time now 6:25. despite recent cut backs the concerns about accreditation city college of san francisco is planning to double its classing. more than 989 classes will be offered. the extra classes are being paid for by money from proposition 30. enrollment management was one of the area of criticism the city college received. a fina
Mar 22, 2013 6:00am PDT
area are on a possible closure list. they include concord, livermore, san carlos, santa rosa and napa. the faa has decided to shut down as many as 238 air traffic control tours all across the country because of the sequestration budget cuts. the airports would still operate but without air traffic controllers. instead pilots would go back to their old system of talking to each other over the radios. >>> san mateo police will patrol aragon high school. on wednesday a message was posted on an anonymous facebook page. police say it was a rambling note and listed yesterday as a date for action. police say they will be there today and tomorrow as a precaution. they are also at the after school baseball games. >>> a teacher will be arraigned in court. police say fellow teachers caught 59-year-old debra putting sleeping pills into toddlers sipy cuts. she supervised ten children between the ages of 1-2. she has been fired from her job. >>> new concerns about how the america's cup is financing the yacht races. organizers are planning several big concerts at an amphitheatre planned for pier 29.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4